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Project Development & Management

PSP, in the framework of cooperation with a manufacturing subsidiary, undertakes the complete and integrated big project management and development of IT infrastructures. This begins from the early stage of the initial construction up to the final delivery to the client. .

This means that PSP can work at a study and design level and offer a solution which can incorporate technologies, applications and equipment from various sources and suppliers.

Our aim for such projects is to operate as INTEGRATORS for a solution that will be designed from scratch in cooperation with you.

This procedure is governed by strict project management rules, communication between the involved parties (PSP and client) and the monitoring of the qualitative and quantitative objectives during the project’s implementation.

The project implementation stages include:

  • Determination of need for new product/ service
  • Determination of the objectives of the project
  • Project Design
  • Drawing up of a time framework
  • Drawing up of budget
  • Technical support
  • Programme implementation
  • Project monitoring and control
  • Assessment of project success